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How to find public key token for a.NET DLL or assembly Many times we need to get the Public key token for a strongly named assembly in.NET.

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If you can get that put that in your application bin folder and this issue will be fixed.

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Thus, two strong named assemblies can have the same PE file name and yet the CLI will recognize them.

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What is the simplest way to find the Public-Key-Token of an assembly.

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The easiest way of finding out this value is that using Strong Name Tool.

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You can use the sn tool to find the PublicKeyToken for your application.The script below will take all of the assembly names that it can find and throw them at the Add-Type.

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This article shows how to determine the public key token of a DLL that we add as a reference to our project.

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To find the public key token for your strongly named assembly you can.

If you want to test the internals of a productive assembly you must mark the assembly with the InternalsVisibleTo-attribute.

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Of course this only works if the assembly is strongly signed.

In your ASP.NET project, you may need to use public key token of an assembly file while adding it as a reference.The assembly manager was actually looking for an unsigned version of my.

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How to Find the Public Key Token for a Strongly-Named. we will retrieve the public key token for an assembly named SampleClassLibrary.dll that is located.

Thanks Mike I copied the DevExpress.web.v10.1.dll and the DevExpress.Data.v10.1.dll to the bin folder in my project and republished.

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In Visual Studio, go to the Tools menu and choose External Tools.Hi all, I have a problem with Crystal Reports for VS2010 where the redistributables install AMD64.